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William Ventura

Hello, I would like to create a training platform using Webflow and Memberstack. I would like each user to be able to unlock the next content when they finish a video and have a progress bar showing their advancement in the training. Is this possible with Memberstack? Thank a lot.


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    A J

    Hey William Ventura,

    I have built a similar project for a client, where the next video of the training was either unlocked via drip content mechanism or whenever they complete the video.

    You might have to track the completion of video in a custom way, and push such progress to Webflow CMS or any database where you are storing user and their progress in the training and then connect the progress bar in the page with such progress value.

    To give you an example, in client's project the video was hosted on Wistia, so I found a way to track the progress of the user via Wistia API, pushed it to the Airtable (where the user and user's course progress was stored) and linked it with Webflow CMS so that the user can see their progress via a progress bar (backed by Webflow CMS).

    So your project is possible with Webflow, if you customize and track & store the progress in your database.

    Hope this helps. Feel free to share any further doubts in this.


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