No access to the upgrade until new billing period starts

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Stripe does not have this functionality built out yet. 

There is a toggle in Stripe to wait until the end of billing period to charge the user Plan B.

However I do not want to allow the user access to Plan B content until the end of Plan A subscription. 

Right now the user will still have access to Plan B even though they are charged at the end of the billing period. -Marcin

Stripe suggested Memberstack can build out this functionality:



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    Marcin Szydelko

    This can have multiple benefits.
    For example, it can increase revenue and prevent changing back and forth between two plans which are at the same price but offer different benefits. 
    Another example would be if a customer is using a subscription for $100 and paid for a month in advance because it's a monthly subscription, but wants to go to a subscription with fewer benefits for $50, then the subscription should change on the end of subscription period instead of immediately. 

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    Marcin Szydelko
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    it would be nice to be able to choose what we want to allow users to do when changing subscription.
    In some cases we want to let users change plan immediately, in others, we want to let them schedule a plan change. And allowing to developer to do it conditional would be amazing 


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