Allowing a logged in user to edit the post w/o submission form Answered

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Andy Hubright

Hey all, trying to solve an interesting dillemma - I have a flow working right now (thanks to Abdullateef Ademoye) where a user gets added to a row in a google sheet. that row item is imported in memberstack and webflow, and 2 CMS items are created (one for the user, one for the post that is owned by the user (think of it as a blog basically)

How can we allow a logged in user to edit the "post" as it appears on the site, without using a submission form? The post CMS item is not using memberstack, so we can't do the attribute trick like they normally do with a user profile update page


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    Julian Galluzzo

    Make your form fields embedded and prefill them by setting the value using the CMS! A bit of a pain to set up but it works. Then you just need some flow which will update the sheet/CMS item from the form


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