How best to handle multi-reference fields when creating/update CMS Collections and populating Memberstack custom fields

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I have a CMS collection acting as the public profile element for our Memberstack members.

We have several multi-reference fields attached to this CMS collection, including lists of categories and tags that we'll use to allow public-facing users to filter by this list of members.

What is the proper method to map these reference fields to Memberstack custom fields so that when a user is logged in, their public profile edit form populates with the options they selected during onboarding?

Our proposed structure is that a member signs up via Webflow form, which sends the user's data to both Memberstack and Airtable (using Airtable as our source of truth). Airtable triggers an automation via Zapier or Make to create a CMS item (the public profile). When the member is logged in, we need the multi-reference fields associated with that users respective CMS entry to be populated in their public profile edit form. They should then be able to add or remove items as needed, and have these both update their custom fields in Memberstack, as well as update the CMS item in Webflow (via Airtable).

I assume whatever solution is in place should be capable of working in the opposite direction, with an admin user being able to update or create an Airtable record that both creates a new member in Memberstack and a CMS entry. 

Feels like this should all be anchored by Webflow CMS Item IDs, but any method I've used thus far disconnects somewhere in the data flow, so that duplicates are created, no reference fields are returned in the edit form, and countless other issues arise. 

Is this possible in the current version of Memberstack using Custom Fields? Someone mentioned JSON and meta data, but I don't believe this is necessary in our case.



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