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Brad Nemer

I have my new profile site working GREAT. One last problem.
I have two CMS: Athletes and Positions. The positions CMS is so a coach can look at just the players by position.

I have every profile field syncing perfeclty - except the position…

  • I am using a dropdown to select the position
  • it does get put into memberstack
  • but using zapier to put that into the CMS it is erroring/validation failure - likely because the field in webflow is a MULTI-REFERENCED CMS

How, using zapier, can I get that memberstack field to attach to the referenced CMS…
I did make sure that all the values for that input field matched the CMS slug to webflow?

Here’s some pictures



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    A J

    Hey Brad Nemer, did you try updating Webflow profile with the Item ID of the selected position instead?

    As far as I know, Webflow won't accept name values like "Quarterback" while updating a multi-reference field.

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    Drake Ballew

    This looks cool. I'm a big FB analytics fan - curious about what you're building!

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    Brad Nemer

    Thanks guys. I found out that single reference and multi reference fields are handled differently. First thing to do is get the individual CMS item ID for each item, and map that to the dropdown. AKA Quarterback value is actually the CMS item ID passed to memberstack.

    I got this to work great, it passed three values, comma separated.
    Im still trying to get them to pass into webflow though.
    From what I know, they need to be wrapped in quotes, comma separated.
    I was able to get a javascsript in the zap that wraps them in quotes.

    Still no go… so, I think actually, the better way to hanlde this is, just to pass along the real name to memberstack, and then just display the memberstack data instead of the CMS data.


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