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Vincent Torquato

Hello Everyone! So I went live with my "Member Profiles" site, where people can sign up and create their profiles. The very first problem I had was that they never finished the 3rd step, which is the "create profile" form. So they do

  • Step1: sign up (create their memberstack account),
  • Step2: Make payment with Stripe, but they skip
  • Step 3: Create profile form ( creates CMS item in Webflow).

So the issue is that their page never gets made in Webflow, So when they sign in, it goes to their "Update Profile" dashboard form, which is blank because the page was never made, so no CMS or Member id. Can someone help me with how to create a scenario in that checks if there is a CMS id, and if a profile is missing the CMS id, it redirects the member to the "Create Form" when they log in. I would also need a scenario that removes the redirect after they create their page. Any help is greatly appreciated!



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    Abdullateef Ademoye

    @Vincent Torquato this requires updates on both the Webflow and make!

    It is just logical approach of CMS-ID exist continue to dashboard or any page you want, if not go to create profile page.

    You also need some custom JavaScript for it because the existing users needs to go back and create the profile page too.

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    Chukwudi Onyekwere

    Hi Vincent,

    Here's what you can do to achieve that with Javascript:

    On the Webflow webpages you set as the On Signup redirect URL, and also the On Login URL in Memberstack, add the following Javascript code.

    window.$memberstackDom.onReady.then(function() {
    window.$memberstackDom.getCurrentMember().then(({ data: member }) => {
    if (member) {
    // Check if the CMS ID custom field is empty or not set
    if (!member.customFields['cmsId']) {
    // Redirect to the "Create Profile" form
    window.location.href = '/url-to-create-profile-form';

    So what the code basically does is upon login or Stripe checkout, it checks if their CMS id has been saved in Memberstack, if not saved, it redirects the user to the url-to-create-profile-form.

    Remember to replace the cmsid with the Custom field ID for the CMS ID in Memberstack, and also replace /url-to-create-profile-form with the link to the profile form.


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