Create memberstack members from a google sheet Answered

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Andy Hubright

Does anyone know if its possible to create memberstack members from a google sheet using Make?



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    A J

    Yup very much possible, you can add them to a free plan as well.
    Would you be open to generating a customary or temporary password for them and send the credentials to them and also have the option for them to change the password if needed for better flexibility or are you looking for some other approach?

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    Mubarak Bello

    I have created something like this before.

    What I did was to send them an email with link to password creation page. I setup the password page like the forget password sequence. Once the get the link they can then create their password.

    What they are actually doing is reseting the generic password I created for them in the Make senariao, but the pages are setup just like creating a new password.

    I hope I make any sense.


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