Running an isolated webhook by identifying triggering element for a webhook Answered

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Josef Eines

I have two scenarions in where i use Watch Updated Members in MS2... But i dont want the other one to run when i run scenario 1, cant i just have a isolated webhook for something?

I basically want to run "Update Members" in memberstack through, but then my other scenarios that wait for "Watch Updated Members" will be affected.. and i dont want that

  1. We need to know what triggered a webhook: specific API call or other action. Is that possible?



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    Raquel Lopez

    Depends on how you're constructing the logic of the program.

    If you use different urls as custom Webhooks in Make to send data to, yes, you are able to filter Webhooks, and create one scenario per custom webhook.

    But if you use MS webhooks as a trigger, then you won't be able to filter because you are using their available events as your entry point.

    So in summary, MS won't trigger because you said so, it triggers because a changed happened in their data base, it doesn't matter what did. If you wanna know what did it you'll probably have to add like a proxy before the update happens... it would not be a standard like solution 😅

    Or you can use filters in Make to check what changed, you might be able to create a custom solution that works for you using custom fields 🙂

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    Josef Eines

    Thanks Raquel! 🙂


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