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Hi everyone,

We use memberstack as a member database for our saas app. Our website and landing pages are all in Webflow.

I would like to store in the metadata of a member from which landing page the sign up was generated.

My idea was to provide the sign up button on the landing page with a data attribute or similar. Is that clever? Otherwise I need a small snippet code in the header section of any landingpage with which a meta data entry is made on a signup via the page, right? What do you suggest?

Thanks a lot for your help :)


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    Duncan Hamra

    Hi Leon 👋 the exact solution is going to depend on your goals. But here are a few important things to note.

    You can only set member metadata at once somebody is logged in. Meeting your code will need to live on a page or in a button after sign up. You may need to save the first page they visit to local storage and then pull it from local storage into their metadata.


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