Filter specific custom field without any values Answered

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Chuck Lapointe


Is there a way to query members that don’t have any values for a specific custom field?

We had issues with some of our webhook apps during the holidays and certain functions didn’t trigger.

We can easily solve this for affected members if we can see that a certain custom field is empty on that member’s account, but there is no real way to filter through your Dashboard by empty custom field, nor is it possible to filter users through your Admin API or Rest API.

Any guidance would be great!



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    Julian Galluzzo

    Hey Chuck,

    I'm sure this could be done with a make scenario - also, to get a list, you can export a CSV, upload it to google sheets, and then delete all rows that have x field as blank 🙌

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    Chuck Lapointe

    Ah forgot I could export to CSV!
    Thanks Julian


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