How to manage admin-only user profile fields

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Will try and explain this succinctly. In Memberstack, we need to update/edit fields that should be inaccessible to users (e.g., a list of "Certifications" or an internal ID); these should be booleans (TRUE/FALSE) or string values. These fields should only be editable by administrators, who should have the capability of turning on/off a certification as it's earned via another platform.

We're using a Webflow CMS collection to manage user profiles, as we need to display a list of profiles that are accessible and filterable via a public URL. Once clicked, a list item will display a full user profile as its own page (which I believe is the proper use case for utilizing CMS items via Webflow). 

We are planning to use Make or Zapier to update the CMS collection once records within Memberstack have been changed. 

To clarify, is it possible to create and manage fields which are only accessible via admins, and how do we modify the data types of these fields? Does this introduce the need for using something like Airtable, to support more complex database elements?

Secondarily, how do we properly manage fields within Memberstack that should be multi-reference fields in a Webflow CMS entry (this is especially confusing, since we'd want things like user locations to be managed via a separate CMS collection, as other elements on our site use these reference fields as well)? 

Some of these requirements are critical for us to move forward with Memberstack, so any help is greatly appreciated. 



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    Duncan Hamra

    Hello 👋 Thanks for posting. I'll do my best to help...

    1. You can use metadata to enter values via the admin dashboard or admin API. These fields are view only for the member. Only admin can edit. 

    2. Ahh this one is tough... Julian Galluzzo have you found a way to map Memberstack fields to multi-reference fields in the Webflow CMS?

    Silverjerk can you mange those fields directly in Webflow instead of Memberstack?

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    1. This is a great suggestion; I missed this in the documentation. 

    2. Appreciate the tag here; to explain the specific case further, this would be lists of specific, reusable attributes like member language (English, Spanish, German) or location (US, Canada, UK). 

    This is partly why I assumed a multi-reference field would be the correct move. Related, we don't want these to be simple strings since we'll want the user to select which languages they support, and their locations (we want both of these to be searchable via filters). 

    Still a bit confused on the use case for Airtable; what's the use case (or cases) where a Memberstack and Webflow build would benefit from Airtable, and where does it sit in the mix?


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