Error with MS Comments/Card activity functions Answered

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Doc Waller

Hey folks! As of this morning we have the new MS Comments/Card active on our new on-demand workout pages (which I love), BUT the activity section (like, edit, delete, etc) under the comments don't seem to be active/working - and I need to solve it. Any idea what it could be? I do believe we have all the attributes/code where it needs to be. Is anyone else experiencing this? We can make comments fine. It's just when we go to take an action on that comment that nothing happens. Any thoughts/assistance would be greatly appreciated!

Chukwudi Onyekwere Duncan Hamra Now that I look closer, I believe the above is an issue with this particular Commenting Card component. It's the only one that's doing what I described above in the actual cloned website. Hope this gets confirmed or debunked soon. Being that we're live, I'm gonna take a look at the other comment components and see if they work in this design/framing, but definitely would prefer to continue using this one. 🙏



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