Inserting the profile image inside a Webflow CMS item Answered

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Raquel Lopez

Hey guys, I would like to report something to see if there's something that you can do. But in summary:

if users signs up as a new user using Google provider, the profile image attribute inherits the google picture thumbnail... so far so good.

The problem is that when operating Make Between Memberstack and Webflow, specifically if I want to insert the profile image inside a Webflow CMS item, Webflow returns an error saying Key is too long. So basically if the image src is really REALLY long the Make scenario breaks because Webflow has a character limit (not documented on their API that I know of) on the picture field

Is there a way that you could upload the profile image to your servers (so it has your assets domain) when user is created? 🤔



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    Raquel Lopez

    So... I updated the picture, the url now is short and the user keeps giving me errors with the profile image 😧 😵

    If I delete the image in Make it works, if not it doesn't 🤦‍♀️ This error is super random

    I found the solution... I uploaded it to tinypng and also cleared all the EXIF data... And reupload it again... and that seemed to work 😅

    I still think that google generated images caused the error (because it happened before). I think there might be some metadata left even if I upload the same image to another provider 🤔 so image will need to be processed before uploading to MS servers so it works with Webflow.

    So this is the long metadata that didn't allow me to upload the Webflow image

    left: original photo from the user (generated by google, thank you)
    right:  EXIF cleared photo

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    Duncan Hamra

    My goodness! Thank you for documenting your journey!


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