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Tom Anderson

Is it possible to charge a plan on a monthly basis but fix the initial term of the membership to a longer time period ie. must commit to an initial 6-month membership?

I'm currently charging members the whole 6-month fee upfront and then manually switching to the monthly equivalent at the end of 6-month term. This kind of works but potentially puts off customers due to the size of the initial payment.


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    Duncan Hamra

    Hey Tom 👋 That is not possible with Memberstack alone... I wonder if you could use a pay-later solution like Klarna in Stripe? They allow folks to pay monthly for something with a fixed cost (i.e. pay $100/mo up to $600). Only problem there is you would still need to manually switch them to a monthly option after that 🤔

    Simple now: you might try doing the regular monthly option for everyone. And then you can compare which pricing model works better: A) require the big upfront payment or B) allow folks to pay monthly. 


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