[Wishlist] Get full query url parameters from the Stripe

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Teresa K

Would like a way to track conversions or get full query url parameters from the Stripe.

I've noticed that now on test domains ...webflow.io after successful checkout link parameters are being showed only ...?forceRefetch=true&fromCheckout=true



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    Duncan Hamra

    Tyler Bell would it be "easy" to include the price ID in the return params?

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    Rokas Judickas

    Please! This feature would literally fix all the problems with conversion tracking! 

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    Petr Musil
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    Hi Guys, I am setting up a basic conversion tracking of the purchases made trough MS/Stripe.

    Before we start begging for features, I suggest Memberstack DOC should be updated. There are contradicting statements about what is returned in current version of MS after successful checkout - here in this thread and in this one:


    As of my quick testing on the STANGING, the app currently return the following:


    I don't want to conduct testing on my live site, as I will probably run into the issues with Stripe testing and their Service Agreement, which prohibits testing using real credit cards https://docs.stripe.com/testing?locale=en-GB

    So could we add a new page into the DOCs V2 that describe some basics about Purchase/conversion tracking in MS and include what params are returned in both STG and PROD environments?

    I believe there is no such article (did not find it) if yes I am sorry.

    From there we can then iterate to some enhancements if guys from MS will be willing to :-)
    Without DOCs it is just a guessing on both sides and waste of time (IMHO).

    All the best,
    CTO, Šikulio

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    Josh Lopez

    Hi Petr Musil,

    Thanks for reaching out and for the insightful feedback on our documentation. I totally get how crucial it is to have clear and precise information, especially when it comes to understanding what data you can expect after transactions.

    We want to make sure we get it right, so I’d love to dig a little deeper into the specifics of what you need. Could you elaborate on the discrepancies you’ve found in our current docs? Additionally, it would be super helpful if you could list the exact parameters and types of information that you believe should be included in our new documentation for both staging and production environments.

    Your expertise as a CTO is incredibly valuable to us, and I want to make sure we address your concerns thoroughly. Once we have a clearer picture, we’ll be in a better position to update our documentation to be more helpful for you and all our users.

    Looking forward to your reply!


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