Default Custom Field/ Button Change Value/ embed code and github.oi

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Bill null
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1.How do I set a default Custom Field?  I've created a leaderboard for members.  The key is "rank," and the value is "Bronze."  However, this "Bronze" value needs to be manually entered by me or the client.  I was hoping that this value could be saved automatically when a client registers.

2.I have a button named "collect coin" in Webflow.  How can I implement a feature that changes the value of a Custom Field in Memberstack when a customer clicks this button?  For example, change from key: "coin", value: "000", to key: "coin", value: "001".

3.I wrote a script in the embed code on Webflow to implement a leaderboard.  How can I call upon some of the member data from Memberstack to display on this leaderboard? or how can I use memberstack in github.oi 



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