Importing the old paying users to MS Answered

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Maximilian Fleitmann


happy to be in here. We have the following issue.

We are running a business right now with Memberstack 1.0 - we have it connected to our Stripe Account. There are like 550 people who have access to gated content on our website.

No we got acquired and need to move the account over. Unfortunately they can't keep the same Stripe account as this one is in another country.

From my understanding there is no way to connect a new stripe account in our case because their are active memberships.

So our idea was to create a new memberstack account, connect it to the new Stripe account and import the old users. But I just realized you cannot import "paying" users.
Any ideas for workarounds?

Looking forward to your help.




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    Shadi null

    I would suggest you try to reach out to stripe support and say you need support with account ownership and management, then explain the situation, I am certain they have some sort of support system for that. Stripe tends to be quite good with accommodating users needs.

    Also, congrats on the exit 🙂

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    Duncan Hamra

    Hey @Maximilian Fleitmann 👋

    You can import paying Members using 2.0. Would you be open to making the switch?


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