File upload element in an onboarding form Answered

Hello everyone, quick question. Is it possible to include an file upload element in an onboarding form and then display that upload in the user's dashboard? i.e customer uploads a pdf and then they can view the pdf in their dashboard



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    Abdelhalim WithDev

    I think you may store the File URL in a custom field for each user.

    There are two approaches that I am aware of:

    1. you store files in a CMS or Airtable where you also have users database and then you get the URL from there. (complex and require you to have duplicated database)
    2. you can use something like uploadcare uploader and you directly get the url from the hidden input field associated with their uploader. (once a user uploads a file it's translated into a URL in an HTML element value), you pick that value and store in a member custom field
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    Luca Defreitas Hansen

    Thanks for your reply!

    re 2: How would you showcase the submitted file in the dashboard? The submission comes through via email on the form but doesn't upload into Memberstack. Any ideas?

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    Duncan Hamra

    Checkout these MemberScripts from Julian. I think they’ll be helpful to you.


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