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Petr Musil

Hi guys,

looking at Return to checkout UI component:

This component will be great, if it will read a price ID from "ms_cart" and be able to launch checkout on click with a proper price ID. Then we can put it to the header banner to be visible on all pages.

Also we need a close button that will use data-ms-price:remove="all" to clear the cart.

IMHO this is much better UX and also should work if you have pricing page with multiple plans AND e-commerce page to sell other stuff like e-book (one-time payment)

I tried to implement this with just a data-ms-action="customer-portal" (to launch the portal, assuming it will read the price ID from ms_cart when lauched), but this element is hidden when member has no paid plan, which kind of kill the feature :-) Also it is pity that this is hardcoded as the visibility could be set on parent element to allow much more flexibility.

Do you think this is possible to do with some custom scripting? maybe something like mentioned here:

And for the future, it will be great if we have something like data-ms-action="launch-checkout" to be able to do what described above.

Thanks for help,



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    Duncan Hamra

    Thank you for this feature request, Petr 🙏

    The return to checkout button will re-launch the same checkout experience they abandoned last time. 

    They can change the plan they want to checkout for by returning to the pricing page and selecting a new price. If a member is logged in and clicks on a pricing button it will relaunch the checkout flow. 


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