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Udi Menkes

I started using memberstack for my new app. I have an issue with one of the templates and was hoping you could guide me to the right solution?

I cloned template_clfkv4dis01o30ukuauzj0iww and adjusted it to my use case. I need help in guiding me how to sync between the dashboard free submissions which is set in the page custom code to 5 and how do I make customers upgrade in a clear way when the limit is reached?

Asking because part is custom code limit and not sure how to connect an upgrade options to funnel to the paid. Something is weird with how it’s implemented vs your regular documentation and the video attached to the template is very basic.

Also say I would want to have an upgrade button that disappears after someone upgrades but on this same dashboard, what should be the flow?

To make things easier I have attached a screenshot of what I’m trying to understand.


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    Duncan Hamra

    Udi Menkes If I understand your usecase correctly it sounds like you want to prompt users to purchase/upgrade when they complete an action 5 times.

    If this is the case then you’ll want to:

    1. Track the number of clicks
    2. If the number goes to 0 then you change the display state of your upgrade UI
    3. Check the number of clicks when the page loads.
    4. If the number is 0 then display the upgrade UI.

    Does that sounds about right?


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