Acknowledgment without making a purchase. Answered

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Matt Barber

Is there a way to get users to enter their contact information, and a checkbox to acknowledge the Eula without having to purchase or use coupon codes to bypass some form of payment?



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    Shadi null

    Fairly certain you can add a checkbox to the signup page and attach it to a custom field. The checkbox will say something like “I acknowledge EULA” and the custom field can be named eula-agreed.
    Also, it’s good practice to keep records of this, maybe consider creating an AirTable record for every new member with a “Date created” and “Date Modified” field, along with the checkbox proving they agreed to the Eula, ideally also a field that mentions which Version they accepted (in case there are changes in the future)
    This record keeping will save you many potential fines as it serves as your proof

    If you want to be doubly safe have a section of you ToS saying that creating an account means they agree to ToS, EULA, and Pricacy policy.

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    Chukwudi Onyekwere

    Shadi null You're absolutely correct! 🙂


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