Using MS to link Webflow CMS with Amazon S3 buckets Answered

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Eugene Soch

Hello, I am wondering if memberstack can be used to link Webflow CMS with Amazon S3 buckets? I am building a client portal for my client and they have a multitude of files, which range from a fairly small files to quite large ones, which means they can't be stored on Webflow. The solution we came up with is using AWS S3 buckets - it works great, but the downside is client needs to manually upload files to S3 and copy links to Webflow. This works, but it's not the most elegant way of managing the files. Ideally what we would love to be able to do is for the client to manage the files through Webflow - so they would login and add files through the CMS manager, and the webflow would talk with S3 in the background. The fields would be pre defined, so we don't need to be able to create extra fields. Does anyone know if Memberstack can help with this integration?


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