Possible BUG - On logout the elements stays hidden until page refresh

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Petr Musil

Hi guys,

I have a 2 buttons.

  • "Login" button is visible only to anonymous users (logged out) data-ms-content="!members"
  • "My profile" button is visible only to members (logged in) data-ms-content="members"

BUG: When I logout, the button Login stays hidden.

  • I am using in-build modals
  • I have tested also other elements than button and it the same, they are hidden too.
  • Elements appears only when i refresh the browser.
  • There is a default redirect to homepage on logout.
  • On login buttons are OK. Only the logout is broken.

Login button setup:


My profile button setup:

Live website - initial state (OK):

Logged in state (OK):


Logged out state (BUG - button missing):

After refresh (OK):

Thanks for help




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    Duncan Hamra

    Thank you for explaining the issue so fully!! I will report this with engineering and update this thread once the issue has been fixed. 

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    Duncan Hamra

    Also, can you try adding a "?" to your logout redirect on the redirects page? That might work as a short-term fix.  https://app.memberstack.com/plans/redirects

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    Petr Musil

    Hi Duncan,

    no problem at all, as an long term product owner/CTO I do report bugs all time :-)

    I tried your workaround:

    1) added "?" to logout redirect:

    2) unfortunately, on logout the bug remain - button is missing:


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