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Petr Musil

Hi guys,

I am developing an Memberstack (MS) & Webflow app. Last few days I have run into few issues which could be caused by the MS settings is not propagated to the site immediately. I am thinking some caching? I am relatively experienced front-end developer and my best practice is to use Virtual Box to run a Chrome/Edge/whatewer browser with Clear cache extension when developing, so I can purge the caches in the browser without affecting my work environment.

However, this doesn't work very well with MS for me so far.

Issues I had:

1) I have changed redirect path on email verification from value X to Y in MS. Changed the slug inĀ  Webflow and published the site. Next 10-20 minutes I was still getting the path X (old one). Clear cache did not help. After 20 minutes AND browser restart the app was finally OK.

2) I did setup free sign up according to this article but by mistake I have added an actual free plan. I have removed the attribute to add free plan from button (data-ms-plan:add="freePlanID"), published the site and free plan is still added on signup. When I checked the button, the attribute was removed OK, jus MS still somehow thinks, it is there. When i deleted the free plan, I get the error "There is no valid plan with this identifier connected to this app." Deleting cache and resetting browser not helping this time.

This all leads me to a question:

What is the best practice to ensure I have the latest version of MS settings (state)?

Or possibly what am I doing wrong?

Any ideas?

My Clear cache settings:

Error screen of the second error:

Thanks guys,

Petr, CTO


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    Petr Musil

    UPDATE: Again, second issue resolved after I wrote my previous post. Unfortunately I have updated my Clear cache settings and also restarted the browser so not sure what helped, if time, or cache or restart.

    So my question remain :-)

    My updated Clear cache settings:


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