Tiered membership options Answered

Hi, We would like to build a Webflow website that features the following:

Login-feature with two streams:
Stream 1 = for members with access to members-specific items
Stream 2 - non-members who will pay for access to educational services

Member stream: membership renewal is Jan 1st every year; when they log-in around that time, they will get a reminder to update their membership profile, then be prompted to pay their membership fee. Once paid, they can access services. Also when they pay, we want the payment to be linked to either our paypal or quickbooks account so funds can be deposited, and an automated invoice with our billing information to be sent to each person.

We have about 4 membership categories; some pay different fees.

Also would like a job posting page, and all pages to be easily editable by us, and a registration page for events that links to their membership profile (paid and unpaid).

Non-membership Steam: access to paid video/education items once they register and log-in. Can also register for paid events.

Is it something that Memberstack can handle?


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    Duncan Hamra
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    Hey there 👋 Yes, this should be possible. The only thing I'm I know we can't do is anchored billing days (where everyone's accounts renew at the same time). 

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