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allinweb dave

Thank you once again for providing such great service to Memberstack.
I have some questions and suggestions

- Is this Comments feature using Memberstack's server instead of Webflow CMS? If so, is it possible to back up users' comments?
- Users would like to use private comments. Because they might not want others to see what they've written..........Is there a way to enable this feature?



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    Niket Kumar
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    No allinweb dave, the commenting feature is completely built on Memberstack and everything related to it is managed using Memeberstack only and not the Webflow CMS or any custom code.

    If ever you wanna check and manage the comments you can head over to your Memberstack dashboard and manage it from the "Community" tab. 

    Let me know if that clarifies your question. Thanks much!

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    allinweb dave

    I understand it 
    thanks too!


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