Is it possible to use the Stripe payment module in South Korea? Answered

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allinweb dave

I work as an agency in South Korea. To create a paid membership plan on Memberstack, I'm unable to register a Korean bank with Stripe. Is there any way to work around this issue? I would appreciate it if you could provide any alternative solutions.


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    Niket Kumar

    Hey there allinweb dave
    I can see you're having trouble registering a South Korean bank to create a paid membership plan in Memberstack. Although I'd request you to please have a look at the stripe's global availability list. , where South Korea isn't listed - that means, South Korean banks are not YET supported to create any kinds of payment on Stripe.

    What could be an alternate solution for this? Not ideally possible, but can give it a shot.
    To setup a paid membership plan you can use a bank that's registered in one of these listed countries by simply transferring the payment from South Korean bank account to new listed Stripe account and then further create your paid membership plan on Memberstack.

    Ps: There's no workaround possible for this logically speaking, as it's a stripe's issue that lacks on the availability of bank integrations from certain countries, that's still in progress. Hope the link shared above can give more details. 

    Thanks, let me know if you face any further issues.



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