Revenue/conversion tracking on Facebook & Google Analytics Answered

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Alastair Budge

I had been trying to figure out revenue/conversion tracking on Facebook & Google Analytics for a while, and have now got it working.

If you use a “thank you” page after checkout complete and you want to send a revenue number to Facebook Ads or Google Analytics, here is a script that you can add to your page.

It still has a few caveats - if anyone would like to help improve it, please feel free!

  • doesn’t factor in discounts/trials
  • my script uses EUR - change this for your currency
  • I’m pretty sure it will double count if a user refreshes the thank you page
  • Note, you need the GA4 tag set up on your website

Hope this is useful to someone - it would have been useful to me 🙂


const memberstack = window.$memberstackDom;

memberstack.getCurrentMember().then(({ data: member }) => {

const planConnections = member.planConnections;

// Check if there are any plan connections

if (planConnections && planConnections.length > 0) {

const lastPlanConnection = planConnections[planConnections.length - 1];

const fbAmount = lastPlanConnection.payment.amount;


fbq('track', 'Purchase', { currency: 'EUR', value: fbAmount });

gtag("event", "purchase", {

value: fbAmount,

currency: "EUR",

items: [


item_id: lastPlanConnection.planId,

price: fbAmount,

quantity: 1








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