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Viva Home

Hi all,

I have built a website with Webflow + Memberstack, but I would like to limit the dashboard CMS access for members/subscribers.

I would like to create options on sign up for the users to to pick one, after they subscribe the CMS will automatically filter and block the other choices to their view.

Does anyone know how it is possible to do?


Thank you,




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    Viva Home

    Hi Duncan, thank you for your reply!

    It's a bit complicated to explain with images, I'm gonna try to explain in a easier way

    Imagine that you signup and subscribe on some kind of Netflix website and in the Sign up form you have a few options to chose one type of movies that you like and you chose for exemple "Fiction movies".

    And then, when you Log in the only movies that you are able to see and watch are only Fiction movies, the other types are hidden.

    I'm looking for some kind of way to filter a CMS per user.

    Thank you, Duncan!



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    Duncan Hamra

    Hey MB 👋 Could you share a screenshot or wireframe of what you want to achieve?

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    Duncan Hamra

    Hey Marc 👋 Thank you for explaining, and apologies for not getting back soon!

    The easiest way I can think to accomplish this is to use free plans. If you let them select their category AFTER sign up then it will be much easier to manage. 

    1. They create an account
    2. They don't have any plans yet and get redirected to an onboarding page which lists all of the categories.
    3. They click on a category to automatically get assigned to that free plan. When they click the plan you can trigger a redirect to take them off the page. Now they have a free plan which can only access that type of content. 

    What do you think? Could it work for your situation?


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