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Teresa Klusaw

The idea behind this would be to let the user pay first before creating their account. We have passwordless Login/Signup enabled as default, so when a user signs up he will receive an email to confirm a code, after that he will be prompted to pay. We wanted to turn this around to improve conversion.



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    Lars Joeressen
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    Thanks Teresa for creating the Wishlist request.

    Our Setup: Webflow with Memberstack + Stripe integration

    We sell courses and services as a subscription model and would like to test if conversion is improving if we first collect the payment through stripe before creating the user account in memberstack.


    With passwordless Signup enabled the user needs to verify their email first, before he will be redirected to stripe. That could lead to a higher bounce rate before paying for a service.

    recommended Solution:

    With either verify the email after the payment is done or by collecting the payment before asking to sign up and verify the email, we aim to improve conversion and reduce friction on the payment process.

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    Duncan Hamra

    Thank you for laying out this request so clearly 🙏 I see the problem and I like your suggested solution. I'll need to pass it along to the engineering team (cc Tyler Bell) before we can make any promises. 

    In the meantime, Lars Joeressen what do you think about enabling email verification but not requiring it? This way folks could verify their emails after checkout as you described. 


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