Is it possible to create a memebership where I collect payment information up front but only charge customers on a specific date later on? Not planned

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Radka Olejňáková


A client asked me about creating a membership site on Webflow with a one-time paid membership. However they don't want to charge customers up front. They'd like to collect their payment details, but only charge every member at once at the same time, whenever they feel like enough members signed up. Then close new members from being able to sign up, while existing ones keep their membership.

I know you are able to give a fixed amount of days for free at the start of the paid membership, but that unfortunately doesn't cut it. It means that the members would be charged not at checkout but later, but not all on the same day.

Looking at Stripe documentation this sort of thing only seems possible with heavy custom code at the moment, so I'm not very sure if it's compatible to integrate with no-code tools like Memberstack and Webflow. 

Thanks for your input!


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