Urgent: Issues with Memberstack DOM Update 1.9.28 Affecting Live App Completed

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Orion Rayhawk

Hello Support Team,
A few hours ago, an update rolled out for Memberstack DOM, specifically version 1.9.28. This update led to my entire application malfunctioning. I spent a considerable amount of time identifying the root cause.

After investigating, I found that the 1.9.28 module only contains 6 files and seems to be missing critical components. For comparison, version 1.9.27 is fully functional and causes no issues.

Could you please provide a solution to fix this problem? I'd also like to know how to prevent such disruptions when my app is live.

Thank you for your immediate attention to this matter.



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    Duncan Hamra
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    We are looking into the issue now 👍

    For now, please stay with 1.9.27.
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    Duncan Hamra

    This issue has been resolved. Thank you for flagging and clearly explaining the issue. We are working on implementing additional test cases to prevent this from happening again. 


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