[Wishlist] Create Members Group with Custom Fields by Group Not planned

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Chukwudi Onyekwere

I wanted to share a feature request that I believe would greatly enhance the functionality of Memberstack and provide more flexibility for users like myself.

I have two ideas for this feature request:

  1. Create Members Group with Custom Fields by Group: It would be fantastic if Memberstack allowed the creation of member groups, where each group can have its own set of custom fields. This would enable us to organize our members more efficiently and tailor the membership experience based on specific group requirements. For example, we could have different custom fields for different membership tiers or categories.

  2. Independent Structure for Custom Fields by Group: Another approach could be to introduce an independent structure that allows the addition of custom fields by group. This would provide even more flexibility in managing member data and allow for a more granular level of customization. With this feature, we could define custom fields for each group and have complete control over the data collected from our members.



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    Duncan Hamra

    The short term solution is to add all of the custom fields for all members to memberstack, and then to build a custom profile UI so that members can update and edit the custom fields associated with their account/plan. 

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    Vyou Tech

    Hi Duncan,

    It would be a better approach if members were able to group and add custom data which it is common for the group avoiding data repeated in the member custom fields. 


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