[Bug] Unable create or modify a pricing option for paid plans Completed

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Connor Clark

When creating a new price or modifying a pricing plan, the Url directs for a split second to  /create-price  , before instantly redirecting back to the base url. 

As a result, it looks like the page performs a mini refresh and I am unable to create or update price details.

I have tried on Edge and a clean install of Chrome. Connecting to an alternative wifi and trying a different device does not resolve the matter.

I can import from stripe however, any attempt to modify or edit the plan from memberstack results in the same refresh.

Stripe is connected, and all other items in plans work (e.g plan logic, signup roles, permissions etc)

Any ideas?



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    Duncan Hamra
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    Thank you for posting the bug and the update! I can confirm that we were able to replicate and fix the issue. We've added a few additional test cases to ensure this break in the same away again 👍

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    Connor Clark
    • Edited

    Awesome, thanks for your help and resolving so quickly :)

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    Josh Lopez

    Confirming a fix for this has been released!


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