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Agha Hussain

Google Authentication API: For user authentication using Google credentials.
Testimonials API: To pull testimonials from the database.
Courses List API: To retrieve a list of available courses.
Course Details API: To show course content based on user actions - full content for users who have purchased and logged in, no content for users not logged in, and 10% content for logged-in users.*
Mock Interview Booking API: To allow users to book a mock interview.
User Details API: To enable users to fill in their personal details.
Course Recommendation API: To recommend courses based on the answers to asked questions.


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    Chukwudi Onyekwere

    Hi Agha,

    Memberstack provides built-in authentication functionality, allowing users to sign up and log in using their email and password. However, if you specifically want to use Google credentials for authentication, you can find more information on how to set it up in this article.

    Furthermore, Memberstack doesn't have a built-in Testimonials API, Courses List API, User Details API, Mock Interview Booking API, and Course Recommendation API but then Memberstack provides three types of member data: Custom Fields, Metadata, and JSON.

    You can update JSON and Custom Fields using the frontend and backend API, through forms and data attributes in Webflow, and via the dashboard. However, Metadata can only be updated from the backend.

    You can also show/hide course content with the help of our gated content feature.

    I hope this helps.


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