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Teresa K

Our customer currently operates two distinct websites, each with its own domain specified in the "application domains" section of their app. They now wish to consolidate user registration and login processes into a single user database for both websites.

When a new user signs up on the domain "ABC," they should receive a verification email bearing the message "Hello, new user to the website: ABC." Conversely, if a user signs up on the second domain, "DEF," they will receive a verification email with the greeting "Hi, this is Peter from DEF. Welcome aboard!" Additionally, the email content and images should differ to match each respective website.

Furthermore, we need the "From" sender email address to vary depending on the domain of signup. And, upon successful verification, users should be redirected to their respective domains.


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    Duncan Hamra
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    The only solution here is to create two district Memberstack projects. 

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