[Wishlist] Don't allow the user to edit their email without verifying new email change

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Where it says 'edit email', it allows the user to change their email and then save it in the profile form. The issue is that this allows them to set it to absolutely anything which could contain a type or some other error. If they then log out then their account would be unrecoverable from what i can tell.
So is there any safeguard to this? I can place a warning there but it wouldn't prevent someone from screwing up their account if they updated their email with a type.
I would like to avoid the manual operation or limit the ability for the customer to do it themselves.
To clarify and if I recall correctly, I used the Webflow dashboard to 'update email', it sends a verification to the new email, you click it and it updates, that's about it, but it doesn't change until that is verified.



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