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Hello Trailblazer
Hi there,

My name is Ricky and I am currently developing a webflow site for a client in the car performance upgrade industry.

The client's goal for their new website is to have a parts price list page that is visible publicly to small retailers etc, but also a parts price list page that is only accessible upon login to major dealers with custom discounted pricing. The parts that are sold will be the same across both public and dealer pages.

I was planning to use Memberstack for this, but I am worried I won't be able to achieve what my client and I want.

I am wondering if this solution can be achieved through Memberstack or not?
Thank you,



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    Duncan Hamra

    Hi Ricky 👋

    You can use Memberstack to gate access to the pages for sure. What will you be using to manage sales? Webflow Ecommerce, Memberstack, or something else? That's were things might get tricky. 

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    Hello Trailblazer

    Hi Duncan, please see ideal flow below. Ideally I'd be using Webflow Ecommerce

    - on home page, within the nav bar, there will be a button stating "[BIG DEALER] LOGIN", or "[whatever other name I am supplied by my client] LOGIN".
    - Because this process is all new (hence why the necessity of refreshing their website), each "big dealer" will have to apply to be accepted and given access to the discounted section of the website. Yes, it could be via an online form. 
    - process for the online form: 
     1- hey I am a big dealer (LOL), let me click on the home page button so I can apply via the only form to be accepted as part of the big dealers' wholesale user group.
     2- my client will then get an email notifying them with the new submission from the website.
     3- client will review application - if client is ok, they will then accept the application
     4- big dealer receives an email that includes the password for the password-protected (maybe?) page or portal with wholesale pricing
     5- big dealer adds to cart and shops normally on the reserved portal
    - my only question with this is about security. If the password is going to be the same for each big dealer, it could raise some concerns.

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