Referral Links and Dashboards Answered

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Jonathan MacDonald

Hey guys - I'm trying to achieve the following:

1. Bob signs up to the waitlist here ( When he presses submit, Bob gets an email which he needs to click verify within. That verify link then takes him to his account dashboard.

2. Inside Bob's dashboard he now sees his own invite code which he can share, along with a total of how many people have used his invite code. My plan is to link this to rewards so, for instance, 3 invitees using Bob's code earns Bob 300 points.

3. Bob shares his code with Alice who then clicks on it and joins the waitlist OR enters Bob's code in the 'invite code' form field. Alice goes through the email verification and lands in her dashboard showing how many people have used her code.

For the above, I've been looking at but then also saw this:

I've spent the day trying to customise the 2nd one but it's only addressing a fraction of what I need and I'm not sure it's the right approach!

I've looked at other providers like Talon One etc, but it seems simple enough to be done using Memberstack and theory!

Does anyone have any suggestions as to which component(s) I need to make the above happen? Any help is appreciated :)




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