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Justin Phillips

Hey guys,

I've got a Memberstack 1.0 site and creating a new Memberstack 2.0 site. Running into issues wrapping my head around the sign up, and setup process.

As I understand it Memberstack 2.0 doesn't allow people without accounts to make payment, somewhat of a let down as I'm sure that hurts conversions. Where I'm confused now:

  1. Sign up & member confirms email
  2. Payment - This is what I'm not understanding
  3. Access to content

Essentially I'll have a dashboard that clients will have access to AFTER they sign up and make payment. I would like the flow for the user to be the following:

  1. Sign up / complete payment
  2. Answer onboarding questions
  3. Access to dashboard

I used this structure successfully in Memberstack 1.0. When someone signs up do I simply use the redirect to send them to a pricing page or does a payment modal appear similar to 1.0?


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    Al Mazlin

    There are people here who will have more specific technical advice (links, settings, attributes) but from my understanding, the email confirmation step is optional and doesn’t necessarily need to come before purchase if you’re worried about it hurting conversions.

    In my setup, people enter an email address / choose a password, and are then sent to Stripe for checkout — same as in MS 1.0

    You could definitely set it up so that it goes:

    1. Sign up with email / choose password
    2. Goes straight to checkout page / Stripe
    3. If successful, redirects to onboarding page

    If you want email verification after that, you could make it a nag banner, or disable some functions until they verify. And uncheck the “require verification to complete signup” toggle — that’s probably key.

    When I was thinking about adding verification, Tyler sent me this video, which might give you some ideas for how to use redirects and plan priorities:


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