I don't see an info from my memberstack in webflow when i use Zapier

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Vladislav Beresnev

Hi! I already wrote to Zapier support and they said that it could be your problem. I created a Zap so that new members appear in memberstack with all the information that they fulfilled, and then this info appears in the webflow in the CMS. When I check it in Zapier, it works, but when I try to do it using my website I don’t have info in my Webflow Cms instead of Email and name from Memberstack.

Short video about my problem - https://www.loom.com/share/12150707f2f44a7fbd2ead9c26540bd0?sid=28694ea6-671a-455e-8431-51ec72bbede4

Help me please if you know what to do 🙏



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