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Maria Flores

Hello everyone!

Please forgive me if I dug myself a bigger hole than needed, but I am not well versed on HTML and my knowledge of website building is quite limited. I want to create a form where people can upload multiple files. Quite simple right? Well it's been the most difficult thing for me to do, and I have tried multiple options:

I have the eCommerce Standard Plan, and I refuse to pay $40 more to be able to get upload button from Webflow itself! Filecare did not work for me, because the free version only allows JPEGs, and I need PDFs or Word documents and the paid plan is out of my budget. I tried several other platforms but also had very low storage limit.

I ended up finding this video while researching: (, and turns out that it worked very well for me. I was able to set up a account and follow the path to finally even receiving emails automatically from my forms. The upload goes directly to my Google Drive, and it works great. HOWEVER, as you can see on my website ( The button says "Choose File" - I cannot add any more than one single file to the uploader. I have no clue at all on how to allow it to choose multiple files. I have added ms-multiple-files = true to the attributes, but it just doesn't work.

Can anyone please help me or give me some ideas as to how to make this work?



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    Maria Flores

    By the way this is on Webflow, thanks


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