Passwordless magic links Answered

The current Passwordless login feature when implemented still requires an authentication code entry on the part of the user. At present, a user receives an email that contains an OTP which they then enter to login or setup their account.

We would love to implement a Passwordless flow that emails a "magic link" that a user can click directly upon receiving it in their inbox and authenticate, therefore removing the additional steps of 1) copying the OTP code from email and 2) pasting it/entering it in the browser, which introduces the possibility for user error (e.g., entering an expired code, mis-typing the code)



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    Duncan Hamra

    Hi Kristin Battaglini, super well said 🙏

    Thanks for taking the time to write this out. I've flagged this for discussion with the team. There are a few reasons we opted for the OPT code vs the link (members with multiple devices, domain management, security, etc.)

    If anything changes or this get flagged for development I'll let you know. But to be 100% transparent, we don't have any plans to add this functionality at this time. 

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    Kristin Battaglini

    Understood, thanks for the response Duncan-Hamra


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