Approval process using Webflow Form + Airtable + Memberstack Answered

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Mariana Insights


We are trying to create an automation which allows us to review membership applications before sending invitations or creating membership accounts.

We can get the Webflow Form data to Airtable but are struggling with how to get the data into Memberstack and have it create memberships accounts once approved in Airtable, and then send invites to users.

The intended process works as follows:

  • A user fills out a native Webflow Form on the website
  • The form submission triggers an HTTP Request using Webflow Logic (could be Integromat/Make)
  • The request posts the form submission data using the Webflow API to an Airtable Base
  • The Airtable Base is populated with the fields from the Webflow Form submission via API
  • We review the applications for access in Airtable
  • Approved applications are filtered into another Airtable View.
  • Whalesync (or alternative) sends approved users in the approved Airtable view to Memberstack with fields mapped identically
  • Memberstack sends email notifications of approval and email verifications to users

We have successfully set up the Memberstack integration, but users are automatically approved.

To summarise, how can you automatically send invitations/approval emails from Memberstack to manually approved users from Airtable that submitted a Webflow Form, and retain the data they initially submitted?

We hope that makes sense. Any ideas, suggestions or solutions would be very much welcomed!



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    Karina Finegan

    Hi everyone. Just wondering if anyone has experience integrating a member approval process with MemberStack + Webflow. Functionality would be as follows - user fills out a new member form - form gets sent to admin - admin approves member - member is sent to payment page - and once payment is processed - the new member profile page is created using data from form. Does anyone know if this flow is possible? Thanks.

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    Chukwudi Onyekwere

    Hi Karina,

    There's a workaround to implement this. Here's how you can achieve the flow you described:

    1. New Member Form: Create a form in Webflow where users can fill out their information to apply for membership. You can also create another page that says awaiting approval which would be where the user lands after signup.
    2. Form Submission: When a user submits the form, the form data can be sent to an admin for approval and the user gets redirected to the awaiting approval page. You can set up an email notification or use integrations like Make to send the form data to the admin's email or preferred communication channel.
    3. Admin Approval: The admin can review the form data and decide whether to approve or deny the membership application. This can be done manually by the admin based on their evaluation criteria.
    4. Payment Page: If the membership application is approved, you can redirect the user to a link that auto-opens checkout as shown here to complete the payment process. To set up a member profile page, please read this article.

    You can find detailed instructions and code snippets in the Memberstack documentation.

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    Karina Finegan

    Thanks Chukwudi Onyekwere - I’ll take a look at that documentation 👍


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