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Riley Brown

I have a 3D asset subscription library I've build with Memberstack. Memerships are 2 tier. First is my customer membership. These people are paying to access content on the site.

Second is my seller tier. These are artists making content through the site, and submitting it. I have a profit share model where I pay sellers each month according to the number of downloads their content got.

I'm curious.... Is there a way for me to pay these sellers through the stripe connection already established on the platform through memberstack? That would make my life a lot easier, and would get their account info and billing all in one spot ideally.


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    Ben Sabic

    Hey Riley!

    I'm afraid not. The Stripe connection through Memberstack is strictly only for processing member payments and syncing data between the two platforms.

    What you are looking for and need is Stripe Connect. After you configure it, your sellers would sign up for a Stripe account using a link you provide. This would then allow you to pay your sellers and they would receive the funds through whatever method they have configured in their account.

    With that said, you may be better off sending payments to the sellers via PayPal or Wise. As Stripe Connect is better suited for platforms where an individual buys something, the platform takes a cut, and then the seller is paid. But because your model is dependent on the number of downloads, you would have to issue a manual payout each month and ensure your Stripe balance has sufficient funds as well.


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