Display expiry dates on time-limited memberships (on the front end) Answered

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Al Mazlin

We can now view (from admin area) the expiry dates of time-limited memberships, but there is still currently no way for CUSTOMERS to view when their time-limited membership is due to expire. 

WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT?: I have teachers using this material in schools. They need to be able to plan ahead and see that the material will be available when they need it. They need to know if their membership is due to expire so that they can put in a purchase request with their admin teams. 

But importantly, since all purchases need to be approved, they need to be assured (when purchasing with a credit card) that the membership will not automatically renew at the end of the period. Especially when... 

  • The expiry date is not visible in Stripe (customer portal)
  • And there is no way to cancel a one-time membership in Stripe (customer portal)

If it were me, it would make me very anxious. Seeing an expiry date would be a really good way of alleviating that anxiety.  

If we can put the expiry date into the MS back end admin area, can we also make it available to use in the front end? (E.g., data attribute?)

WORKAROUND: Lots and lots and lots of signposting. Building "1 YEAR ONLY" into all product names. I can also use a Memberscript to set a one time date on signup and display this to the customer, but it is too fallible to be a long term solution since it is not using the real expiry date from MS. 



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    Duncan Hamra

    This makes total sense 🙏 Thank you for making this post to explain why this feature is important to you. I'll bring it up with the team and let you know what we can do. 

    Would you be open to implementing a solution with some custom code? I'd be happy to help you with it. 

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    Al Mazlin

    Duncan Hamra - Custom code would be fine! That would be fantastic, thank you! 


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