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Riley Brown

Hey 👋 Looking for some advice. I'm a no-code guy. I run, built on Webflow and MS 2.0.

I sell 3D assets. Artists from around the world contribute to my asset library. What I'm hoping to do, is to track the number of downloads per asset, and pay artists a % commission, based on downloads.

So if artist "A" creates an asset that's downloaded 500 times in a month, he'll earn a higher commission than artist "B" who only got 5 downloads that month.

My files are hosted through Amazon s3. Is there any no-code way for me to track (via MS or s3) how many times an asset is downloaded in a month?

Thanks in advance!



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    Riley Brown

    Just wanted to update on a sollution.

    Used Nocodelytics and tracked the download button.
    I filtered results by path 🙂
    For example, I can now see the "arched window" was downloaded once:

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    Awesome share Riley! Glad you found something that works for you 😄


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