Things needed for a gated paid membership site Answered

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Vincent Polisi

This is probably a stupid question but Webflow’s plan/pricing/feature model is so confusing even they had to do an explainer video on it.

For a gated paid membership site, what EXACTLY do I need?

With a paid subscription to Memberstack (which I have and I’m happy with) will any Webflow plan work or do I need the Webflow plan that enables e-commerce?

Right now I have the Webflow “Core” Workspace plan at $28/mo and a paid Memberstack subscription.

The Webflow Membership feature that’s now in beta, is that a competing product for Memberstack or what?



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    Al Mazlin

    If it’s just you working on it for yourself, you’d likely be fine with their free “workspace”. Hosting depends on whether you want CMS functionality or not. My sites are on the basic CMS option and it’s fine.

    I believe any Webflow plan will work with MS. You do not need Webflow’s ecommerce. The Webflow Membership feature is a competing product with Memberstack, but last I checked it was lacking some pretty darn basic functionality. I don’t know if you’d need their e-commerce feature to use their Memberships feature. I stopped looking ages ago when it couldn’t even gate content. 🙄

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    Thank you for your support Aletta 😀 It’s as Aletta said, Memberstack will work with any Webflow Plans 🤩


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