[Wishlist] Passwordless resend code option? Planned

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Peter Ronhovde

I've set up passwordless login and signup modals recently. Tested both and they are both working in principle.

My issue is: several times, the confirmation code email took a long time to arrive (as much as a minute and more in one case). I don't know if it was on the sender or the email service end, but when it happens, this long of a delay is more friction than just requiring my users to step through a password sign in or login.

Some users will not wait when signing up and even when it happens on a login, it can be a source of frustration and unnecessary use of support services.

It's pretty standard to have a "resend code" option, which gives the user some hope if there seems to be an unreasonable delay. I've checked the forum here, the passwordless form article, and the posted video on the forms, but I don't see how to set up a resend option in the passwordless form.

Is there a way to do this?




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    Duncan from Memberstack

    Hey Peter Ronhovde👋 Thanks for writing up your question. Makes total sense, and I agree that a resend button would be nice for this.

    To be 100% upfront, we don't have any easy way of resending the email right now. I'll need to talk it over with Josh-Lopez and Tyler Bell

    It would also be nice if we could someone indicate to the member what's happening behind the scenes, but I don't think that's possible 🤔 

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    David Bows

    Just wondering about this also.  Has a solution been created?  I would like the same thing for my signup page.


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