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"The Memberstack has a Dashboard currently only tracks one-time plans, and not just paid members.

I would like to find and count the total amount of:
- Users who has bought a one-time paid plan (we don't have subscription models)
- Total Amount of One-time plans sold
- Total Generated Revenue from MemberstackPerhaps there is a way to filter this information in Stripe Account? We use same stripe account with our Shopify Store and Memberstack sales so the data gets merged, looking only at general sales is inaccurate." -- Rokas


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    Duncan from Memberstack
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    Thanks for posting this 🙏 We don't have any immediate plans to add additional payment analytics. That said, it is possible to filter Stripe data by product. That might help you retrieve some of the metrics you want to see. You could also do some quick multiplication based on the number of members with a particular plan (visible on the plans page).

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